The Boy who bit Picasso

with The Untied Artists


The Boy Who Bit Picasso is based on the book by Anthony Penrose and had been produced by The United Artists. and my role was devising the programme for the play This has evolved through a series of design iterations - initially I worked on a newspaper prop and some concept posters (see below and on Flickr here) while I was studying for my MA. The process has been one fraught with challenges (esp around the budget and format of the paper stock) but we felt it was crucial that the programme was integral to this interactive show rather than just a expensively printed souvenir.  Interestingly this article in from The Guardian deals with similar issues around the point and purpose of programmes for theatre, which does have wider implications for other cultural events I feel. 

The programme was completed in March 2015 and a revised edition was produced for the second tour in 2016 and sent to print with Newspaper Club as an 8 page classic tabloid. To get a copy you will have to attended the play or you can look at the version on ISSUU below.

In a lovely footnote to the project we were also we also were awarded Newspaper Of The Month on Newspaper Club.